Why ABC’s Spring Basset Blast Is So Important

By Author Tom Schreck

Saturday, April 28 at the Fair and Expo Center in Henrietta, New York All Bassets Cherished basset hound rescue is hosting the Spring Basset Blast. There will be well over 200 hounds and their people there.

It’s going to be fun. It’s going to raise money But it’ll be a whole lot more than fun and fundraising.

It’s important.

If you’re a Facebooker, and who isn’t these days, you can’t escape the sad dog stories that bombard us every day. Abused dogs, dog fighting, horrible cases of neglect and the overpopulation that leaves the most vulnerable suffering, are presented to us all day long.

If you’re a dog lover something dies inside of you every time you read one of these. Us dog people carry that hurt around all the time.

There’s something else we carry and on Saturday we’ll carry a ton of it.


Pure, un-freakin’-adulterated joy, because at these events we see what we fight for. We see what we spend long hours working on.  We see the fruit of driving thousands of miles of highway to save a hound.

Next Saturday that Expo Center that usually is home to car shows, health fairs and who knows what else, will be a mad house of running, barking, playing, dancing and crapping hounds. They’ll be overwhelmed with excitement. They’ll be making a racket and going nuts and not doing a damn thing that any human tells them to.

And all the humans will have this glazed over look on their face with broad smiles.

Because on Saturday we win.

Good triumphs over evil. The abusers, neglecters and puppy millers can all go to hell because the Spring Basset Blast is all about the hounds…and the people who took the time to not get discouraged, to not give in, to not listen to that voice that says “You can’t save them all.”

Nope, not Saturday.

Next Saturday is about winning.

It’s about the good guys kicking ass. It’s all about the hounds.

Some come watch Duke moo and don’t bother yelling at him he can’t hear. Take my blind Wilbur for a walk and see what indomitable spirit is all about, come pet my dog Riley who was on death row for being “aggressive” and ask me about him visiting veterans with PTSD. There’ll be hundreds of stories and twice as many smiles.

Look around and see the smiles, hear the arooos and if Shelly and Don haven’t collapsed yet tell them thanks.

Then pat yourself on the back and watch your dog have a good time.

Because on next Saturday we win.

Tom Schreck writes the Duffy Dombrowoski Mysteries that feature Al the basset hound. His newest release THE VEGAS KNOCKOUT, will be available on May 15.  You will be able to preorder signed copies at the Blast. 

Don’t forget to preregister if you are planning to attend this great event on April 28 at the Fair and Expo Center in Henrietta, NY.  You can preregister here – ABC Basset Hound Rescue of NY Spring Basset Blast

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