Why a Summer Fest/ Waddle

Why would a group of people work so hard to raise money for a droopy eared hounds? Well, there are many reasons and here are two.

I have been involved with Basset Rescue since the early 90’s. My first basset was a rescue from BRoWNY. Toots was a dog that was destine not to live with just anyone. She has some serious issues from being abused from her previous family. I fell in love with her from her picture, not knowing she had seizures and other medical issues. But she was a love and I wanted to give back to the group, so I got involved. One of the greatest events I ever went to or participated in was when we had a big waddle in Genesee Valley Park. We walked the dogs in the Lilac parade after transporting them on a city bus. It was so cool. We had a huge party and raised some money. We had a ball and everyone got to know each other and become friends. Friends who were there in hard times and there to share jokes and stories. It started with the dogs, but it really became about the camaraderie and love and the joy in being there for each other and of course, the dogs.

Another member, Tom Rodwell chimed in with “I’ve been involved with rescue for over 12 years and it’s been rewarding to say the least. It’s not just about the dogs – it’s also about you – yes you! After delivering numerous dogs to their new owners and seeing the joy on your faces when you first meet your hound, has made the many trips down south and across the state I’ve taken worth it. Hearing the wonderful success stories and seeing the pictures of you and your new basset friend is what it’s all about. You see, it’s a win-win situation so come on – spread the joy you saved a life!!! Come to the waddle – you and your basset won’t be disappointed!
So if you are wondering why a group of people would go to such extremes to raise money for bassets…..well, that is just part of the story….You’ll have to come to the Summer Fest to experience it yourself.
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