When a hound is adopted, it makes room for more!

Recently, we told you about a bunch of bassets that ABC brought in from a variety of places. Here is a little update about where they are.
Molly and Henry were ABC alumni who’s owners could no longer take care of them. They are a bonded pair and needed to stay together: but its always difficult to find a home for two. The good news is they’ve been adopted and can stay together!
Tom and Gary met some volunteers from the Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia in order to bring a group of Basset hounds to NY to find homes. A few of these hounds went straight into forever homes, while some, like Flint, spent a few weeks in a foster home. He played with dogs, went on [short] walks, and had a ball! This guy with the gorgeous hazel eyes has found his forever home!
Molly and Henry, the Georgia gang, and other ABC hounds have been recently adopted to make room for… the Joplin 5. This group of male bassets came from Joplin, MO with the help of Hounds Haven Basset Rescue. The Joplin 5 were left outside of a boarding facility in the middle of the night and were turned in the next morning to the animal shelter and scheduled for a trip to the gas chamber. Hounds Haven stepped in to take all of the dogs and contacted ABC for help. They had the group fixed, brought up to date with all of their medical needs and sent them on their way to New York. Here is the gang with some of their transporters during a break.
What is a break without a belly rub?
You can see more pictures with the Joplin 5 at ABC’s flickr page. Are you interested in bringing one of these handsome fella’s into your home? If so, click here.
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