UPDATE: Available Hounds

We have had great success this howliday season adopting the 30+ puppy mill dogs to there forever homes and over 100 hounds this year! But we still have plenty of dogs available for adoption. Here they are:

These dogs from the Missouri Puppy Mill and are ready to be adopted.

Kea – 6
Kea is a little bit timid when you approach her from standing up, but once you are petting her she is happy for all the rubbing.

Cotton Top – almost 10
Cotton Top is the old lady of the gang. She has a growth on her bottom and very few teeth left, but she loves being scratched.

Quad Paws (aka Selena) – 5.5
Quad Paws does have four paws, just like all other dogs, so the people at Boom Towne have been calling her Selena. She is a very petite girl who has very unusual coloring. She is mostly a very light brown, but has a dusting of black over her back. She is incredibly excited when she gets attention and loves to be scratched just about anywhere.

The following bassets are on hold for now, but will be available in the coming weeks.

Charm – 6
Charm is a spunky girl who’s been nicknamed “Little Miss Humpsalot” so she has a little bit of manners to learn, but she isn’t pushy about it and is more than happy to get off when you ask her. She was adopted, but the family may be unable to keep her, so we are working on finding a better permanent home for her.

Sasha – 4
Sasha is a four year old sweet girl from the Missouri batch of dogs. She was the only one who tested positive for heartworm, so she is staying at the vets office until her treatment is done. She will be up for adoption after she is free and clear of heartworm.

Dolly – puppy
Dolly is a 6-7 month old littermate to Ruby and Hazel. Ruby and Hazel quickly adjusted to life outside the puppy mill and are enjoying play time and belly rubs in there forever homes. Dolly is still extremely nervous and has been spending a few weeks in a foster home getting used to people and having fun with some other dogs before she will be adopted out.


Bradley – 1
Bradley is a littermate of Olivia and Madison, who were successfully adopted at our adoption fair and happily settling into their forever homes. Unlike his sisters, Bradley was incredibly nervous around people is not quite ready to be adopted out, but will be available soon. He is learning to enjoy lots of attention in his foster home.

These senior ladies are not from the midwest puppy mills, but were owner turn ins and are available for adoption.

Tulip – 12
Tulip is a 12 year old female that loves to snuggle on the couch or your bed and she is a real “talker”. Young children make her nervous, so an adult home would be best. She is good with other dogs and cats. Can be left alone inside for 7 hrs. with no problems.

Heidi – 11
Heidi is a lovely lemon and white lady of 11 yrs. Gets along with other dogs and has always lived with a cat. Loves children of all ages. Her owner had to move into an apt. and could not take her with him.

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