TX Bassets on their way to NY

Leaving the vet’s office in Texas! Looks like they are ready to be New Yorkers!

These lucky 5 are on their way into a new life, to live indoors as part of loving families.  They look like beautiful houndies.  We have a 22 month old male, Austin, a 7 yr old male, Houston, and an 8 yr old female, Dallas.  Twin female littermates Abiline and Amarilla are 21 months old. The twins are
small, only 30lbs!

They are stopping in Little Rock, Arkansas to meet their next transporter, then on to Nashville to meet Bob Richardson and the ABC van!  They are
scheduled to be in Buffalo around noon on Saturday!

They’ve all been vetted in Texas, spayed/neutered and microchipped.  Hopefully all they will need once they get here is a good bath and
an introduction to snow! They are aroooing a big Thank You to ABC!


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