TX 6 Dodge the Bumps on Road to Recovery

ABC’s transport of the six Texas Bassets arrived safely in NY on Friday evening.  View pictures of their arrival at Camp Bow Wow, Tonawanda here.   They range in age from two to ten years old.  All six are in bad shape, horribly underweight, suffering from flea dermatitis and dental problems, and four of the six are confirmed heartworm positive.  The remaining two need to be tested for heartworm.  Still, they are very happy for human contact and attention – they greet everyone with smiles and wagging tails.  These guys will make wonderful family members, full of love, life and the joy of being alive!  There are 2 six year olds – Norman and Camilla; 2 two year olds – Seymour and Remus; and 2 ten year olds – Yatzee and Holly.  Special thanks to ABC for taking in these sweet seniors – Holly and Yatzee look like wonderful Bassets who love all the attention and TLC they are getting for the first time, and they’re looking forward to those special forever homes!

Six year old Norman gave everyone a terrible scare Saturday night with an infected neuter site, and was rushed into emergency surgery at 2AM.  Surgery was risky due to the fact that Norman has heartworms.  Shelly Gordon accompanied poor Norman to the ABC E-vets who removed his infected scrotum, cleaned and scraped his teeth, gave him a bath and de-worming medicines.  He did well through surgery and is now on the road to recovery, a relief for everyone that was very worried about the little guy.  Shelly is Norman’s guardian angel for sure.  We love you Shelly, and really wish we could have been there to help!

Please consider donating some of your spare change to help defray the high costs of Norman’s emergency surgery and the medical treatment that all six will need at ABC’s TX Basset Brigade FirstGiving page.

All six are now in their foster homes and will be fed, loved and cared for until they are ready for adoption.  As so many have commented, they have bright new futures in front of them and will make wonderful family members.  If you take a look at the pictures in the TX Basset Brigade Photo Album you can see their appreciation, even though they are obviously suffering.  They look like they know that there are humans trying to help them for the very first time.  We’d have loved a chance to see the looks on their faces as they were being brought into their foster homes with warm beds and bowls of food – that must have been a very happy surprise.

Two year old Remus at the Morrison’s foster home – thanks to John and Theresa for taking in another foster!  The Morrisons have nicknamed him ‘Peanut’

Ten year old Holly at the Gates’ foster home – thanks to Joan and Neil for taking in this sweet senior!  How many does this make for you guys now?! – Holly is the Gates’ 7th foster in a year!

Holly is the senior female of the Texas Brigade.  She has already been to the vet to get a much needed bath with medicated shampoo for her poor itchy skin.  She will be back at the vet’s tomorrow to determine how to deal with her heartworms and dental issues.   Holly still has a long road ahead of her, but we are sure with the love and support the wonderful Gates family have for her she will thrive.

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