TX 6 Basset Brigade Steps into a Bright Future!

The Basset Brigade is on its way to New York today!  ABC Adoption Coordinator Laura Johnson along with Meagan Michele Downing have picked up the six Texas Troopers in the ABC van and they are safely underway on their long journey to Rochester, NY.  Thanks to The Humane Society of Cedar Creek, Tool, TX and to all of the transporters – Stacy Myers Hague, Menzie Campbell, Bonnie Muellenmeister, Pamela Sneed and everyone along the way that helped them get to Maryville, TN for their rendezvous with the ABC van.  The transport is due to arrive in NY tonight around 7PM.  We wish you safe and pleasant travels with your precious cargo.

You can watch the bassets arrive in Tonawanda, NY at Camp Bow Wow’s Webcams at 7pm eastern time!  View Camp Bow Wow’s webcam here.

ABC Basset Hound Rescue was notified of eight homeless Basset Hounds at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek in Tool, TX.   These were obvious breeding dogs and all were infested with fleas.  Two of the hounds were adopted from the shelter and ABC stepped up to rescue the remaining six.  Stacy Hague who transported the Bassets from flower Mound, TX to Little Rock, AR, cried when she first saw how neglected they were, “So sad but they are still bats and just wag their tails. :)”  They range in age from 1-10 years old.  They are also all heartworm positive and will need treatment for that as well as lots of dental work creating well over $6,000 in vet costs.  Please consider donating whatever you can for the care of these sweet, neglected babies at FirstGiving Basset Brigade.

Thanks to ABC, and all of the rescue angels along the way, these six babies are stepping into a bright new future and can leave behind all of their suffering, hunger and neglect.  In no time at all we are sure that ABC will find them wonderful forever homes where they will be fed, loved and spoiled, as all Bassets everywhere should be.  Their luck has just changed for the better.

Thanks also to the wonderful foster families who have opened their homes, and hearts, to these homeless guys.  They will be in foster care while receiving their heartworm treatments and all the TLC and belly rubs they need.  Their rescue wouldn’t be possible without you!  If you are interested in adopting one of these sweet babies please be sure to visit our website and fill out the adoption application with a comment that you are interested in one of these hounds and Laura will follow up with you.  Fill out ABC’s Adoption Application.

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