Trixi’s Thanks Giving

Looks like she truly did have a very Happy Thanksgiving.  When you think about it, Trixi’s journey from a Southern puppy mill, where she probably had hundreds of puppies, to a warm, cozy home is an amazing rescue story.
Trixi was one of the oldest of 34 dogs rescued from a Missouri puppy mill and brought to NY into foster care by the kind folk at ABC in 2009.  Her puppy mill name was Cotton Top, such an awful name for such a beautiful lady.  Her intake photo shows what terrible shape she was in.
Trixi was 10 years old when she came into rescue and, from her picture, looked like she just had puppies. Hard to believe anyone would breed such a lady for 10 years. She had a few teeth removed before she came into ABC but needed additional work. The vet found several more tooth infections and abscesses that went right down into her jaw bone.  She must have been in such terrible pain.  ABC supported her during this time and took her back to the vet and Emergency Room several times.  She was in hospice care at ABC for a while after uncontrollable bleeding followed the vet’s trying to clean her teeth.  The vet even suggested putting a tampon in her nose to stop the bleeding!  Everyone thought she might die.  The support and kindness of her rescuers helped her and she was finally stabilized.
This lady is a true survivor and you can see from her picture what a sweet, great lady she is. She has such a beautiful smile! Trixi was in foster care for a year with ABC and was adopted in December, 2010 by a wonderful, kind soul, Victoria. They recently moved to Texas and Trixi is enjoying her new life there in her forever home. So Trixi truly gives Thanks this year for the best 2 years of her life.  Trixi’s new Mom Victoria says it best, “We adore Trixi! She is a very spoiled but such a deserving girl! We thank ABC every day for saving her and letting us have her. Soon it will be a year that she is with us.”
Thank you ABC for hanging in there with Trixi! Her story offers encouragement and inspiration to all rescuers trying to provide secure homes for unwanted senior hounds.  And thank you Victoria for giving her the forever home she so deserves.
Keep smiling Trixi, we all wish you and Victoria many healthy, joyful years to come!
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