Trixi is a Bridesmaid!

ABC rescued Trixi from a Southern puppy mill and brought her to NY in 2009 when she was 10 years old.  She was in terrible shape with tooth abscesses that went right down to the bone.  She was actually placed in hospice care for a while due to excessive bleeding – the vets didn’t think she would make it.  Through the wonderful support of ABC and her foster home Trixi pulled through.  She was adopted by Victoria and her family into her forever home in December 2010.

Victoria recently celebrated her wedding with her hounds in attendance!  She shared this beautiful wedding picture with us of Trixi as a very special bridesmaid.  Victoria said Trixi had lots of fun and treats at their wedding!  What a great forever home!  (Read more on Trixi’s story on the ABC Blog dated 12/4/2011.)

Thank you to Victoria and her family for sharing their wedding picture with us.  This is such an encouragement to the ABC volunteers that worked so hard to save Trixi’s life.

Congratulations on your marriage and here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

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