Transporting, the joy and tears

A long time ago, I transported a very little basset to a foster home location. I went home crying and told my soon to be husband that I was going back to get him. I got a phone call the next day…”The poor little fellow did not do well at the foster home and would have to be transported somewhere else and could I help out?” Could I? It was a sign. So off we went to get Caleb and brought him home. He has been with us since 2003. He had five different homes before the age of three. He was bad mannered, bit my poor husband and does a lot of nasty things, like eating poop and is not house broken to this day. But he wormed his little paws into our hearts and is cherished by his family including his big brother. We call them the Butt Boyz as they often are found sleeping next to each other, butt to butt. Unfortunately, Caleb is quite sick, but that is for another story. I know it is very hard to transport and not want to take all the doggies home.

But transporting is so important to the survival of the dogs. Sometimes, the safety of the dog is only guaranteed if the dog is removed from its situation immediately. ABC has done some really big transports of dogs from some really awful situations. But the weekend runs done by volunteers are so vital to this organization.
As Carly said, ” I get attached easily and feel so guilty when I can not keep them. I was advised today that is does not get any easier as time goes on. I guess I will have many more tears ahead of me. I laughed on the way home thinking of all the funny things Maggie did in her short time with me.”
Garry and Linda who also helped in this transport said;”Poor Maggie was quite frightened and confused and cowering at beginning of our leg of the trip. Linda sat in back seat with her the entire trip, giving her rubs and words of encouragement. By the time we passed Amsterdam, she was much more comfortable. We absolutely love being able to help in any way to assist these beautiful dogs find some happiness.”
Part of transporting might entail hosting the dog for the night. What a fun experience for the family to have a guest pup for a short visit. Justin said, She is fitting in just nicely here at her sleepover at our house before she finishes here trip to her foster home tomorrow.”
If you are looking for a way to get involved, but not ready for a full time commitment to a dog, transporting and fostering are a great way to experience “That Basset Thing!”
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