The Slobber Shoppe Prepares for The Holidays

It is coming! The Slobber Shoppe’s busiest season…Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday/Christmas!  Earlier this year, we had a small makeover of The Slobber Shoppe to make it more “user friendly”. More lights, a real floor and walls! For the number of hours being spent in The Slobber Shoppe, we needed to make it a more enjoyable experience.

So far this week, Slobber Shoppe Manager, Dazzle, has been prepping The Slobber Shoppe for sales…lots of sales. Last year, we had 427 orders between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s 106 orders a week…15 a day!

ABC Basset Hound Rescue‘s Slobber Shoppe is run exclusively by volunteers. Every penny that comes in from The Slobber Shoppe goes right back to ABC Basset Hound Rescue. We have over 350 basset hound items. Many of our items are exclusive just to us and you won’t find them anywhere else..not Walmart, not Ebay, not even Amazon.

When shopping for the basset lover on your list, please shop at The Slobber Shoppe first. We have something for everyone…beer glasses, wine glasses, hats, jewelry, flags, greeting cards, towels, car mats and more!

With every order you place, you receive one of our famous “Slobber Shoppe” pens. We’ve had requests to buy them, but you can only get them by placing an order.

All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours to ensure your package arrives in time for the holidays. We can ship to you, we can ship a gift to grandma, we can email a virtual gift certificate worldwide if you wait til the last minute to do your shopping.

Please help the homeless bassets this season and purchase your gifts from The Slobber Shoppe! 

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