Surrendering a basset to ABC….

Q. I′m considering giving my Basset up for adoption, but I′m not sure…. Can you help me?

A. YES! ABC is very willing to help you find a way to keep your Basset. We have a large knowledge base of the breed and may be able to help you with your unique situation.

Q. What do I have to do to give up my basset?

A. First, you will need to fill out an online Relinquishment Form. It is very important, to be honest when filling out this form or talking to the Relinquishment Coordinator. The more honest you are about your dog the easier it will be to find a new home for him/her.

Q. Will you pick up the dog from me?

A. ABC is volunteer organization that covers all of upstate New York from Buffalo to Albany. We may ask you to drive and meet with an ABC representative.

Q. How long will it be until you can take my dog?

A. We try to evaluate every situation and meet the needs of the dog and owner. The timing is very much affected by how many openings we have in foster care and the availability of our volunteers.

Q. What if I changed my mind? Can I contact the new owners?

A. Once adopted, we WILL NOT get your dog back for you. While in foster care we can give you updates on how your dog is doing and the type of family who has adopted him/her but, for privacy reasons, ABC will not release any personal information about our foster homes or adopters.

Q. Why should I have ABC Basset Hound Rescue adopt out my dog instead of going to the local shelter or just advertising the dog in the paper?

A. ABC doesn’t operate like shelter. Bassets turned over to ABC are placed in loving foster homes where they are treated as member of the family while they await their new home. While in foster care any outstanding medical is updated and the dog is evaluated in family setting. Information from the foster home gives the Adoption Coordinator valuable insight into the type of family that is best suited for the dog.

All approved adopters must go through a comprehensive phone screening and home check prior to adopting. ABC does several follow-ups after a dog is placed with the adoptive family. If for any reason during the dog’s lifetime the family can not keep him/her they are required to return the dog to ABC.

Q. My Basset is aggressive and I can′t trust it anymore. Can you find it a new home?

A. ABC cannot take-in or adopt out a dog who has a history of biting. You should consult your veterinarian to rule out any medical problems causing the behavior change. But, just as importantly, you need to get in touch with a professional behaviorist to try and work through the problem with your dog.

Q. My Basset is sick and I can′t afford to help it…

A. If you have a Basset that has serious health problem or untreatable health problem please do not try to surrender him/her to basset rescue. You need to consult your veterinarian and choose a plan of action that will best fit your dog’s quality of life. There is no need to prolong a sick/suffering basset’s life and transition him/her into rescue. It’s not fair to the dog and it’s not fair to the rescue to be burdened with large medical expenses that will not cure your dog. When you adopt/purchase a basset, it’s for life. YOU have to be responsible for that dog and “do right” by him/her even if it’s at the end of their life.

When surrendering your basset, we ask that you consider a giving monetary donation to ABC. ABC is 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

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