Shelly and Diesel’s new Agility Aces

Agility Stars Diesel and Shelly have won 2 level 4 agility ribbons at Boom Towne, Farmington, NY.  Congratulations Diesel and Shelly!  From one rescue to another Spanky wants to know if you can trade some of these in for a couple of steaks.  I told him ‘no, look at these beautiful ribbons, they are for Diesel’s wall’.  He begged to differ, said just look at Diesel’s face, he wants some steak!  Mom and Dad must be so very proud of you Diesel!

Here is a link to Diesel and Shelly’s agility run – looks flawless to us.

You two make it look easy, but bet it’s not.  It’s just amazing all you have to do is point and Diesel knows what to do.  How the heck do the humans remember which thing is next to do?  Anytime I try to get Spanky to go one way or the other he just sits.  Sure is fun to watch and you both look like you are having a great time!

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