Seven Days-$7,000

What an absolute disastrous week for ABC Basset Hound Rescue’s foster dogs and our bank account. We’ve had 4 dogs that have required over $7,000 in veterinary care.

Tuesday, July 24th: ABC Basset Hound Rescue rescued pregnant Angel, age 3, from a puppy mill in Missouri. She came to NY June 30th and went into labor late July. Angel had 1 puppy, but according to the ultrasound, there were 9. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, she was taken to the emergency vet for an emergency c-section. Six of her 9 puppies survived. The day after she went home, she started bleeding from her sutures. Back to the emergency vet she went where it was discovered that she was allergic to her sutures. She’s been in hospitalization for 2 days now and is still there. Meanwhile her 6 puppies are at home being bottle fed by her foster mom. C-Section cost $2,200

Wednesday, July 25th: Gloria, age 6, was a basset also rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. She was to go to her forever home that morning, but the foster said she was acting sickly, vomiting, pacing and panting. At the vet, it was discovered from x-rays that she had a foreign object in her stomach. Emergency surgery was done 7/25 to remove pieces of a door mat she ate the day before. Obstruction surgery cost: $1,400

Saturday, July 29th: Delilah Molly, age 9, was turned into a shelter near Ithaca, NY, because she had severe bladder stones and the owners couldn’t afford the surgery. The shelter couldn’t afford the expensive surgery either, so ABC was called. Delilah Molly was sprung from the shelter on Saturday and will undergo surgery to remove her golf ball size bladder stones this week. Bladder stone surgery estimate: $1,000

Tuesday, July 31st: Jupiter, age 4 months, was one of 3 basset puppies brought in from Missouri this past weekend. Yesterday, Jupiter didn’t want to eat or drink and was vomiting. This morning her foster mom came home from work and found her unresponsive and rushed her to the emergency vet where she was tested positive for parvo. Treating parvo requires a 3 day in hospital treatment. Update 8/2: Little Jupiter went into cardiac arrest early this morning and despite the CPR efforts of the emergency staff, she passed away. Fly free, sweet angel, we all mourn the loss of what could have been.  Parvo treatment/cremation bill: $2,600

Keep in mind these are just the emergency bills we’ve had in 7 days. We also paid for 6 spays, 4 heart worm tests, 7 kennel cough vaccines, and 6 distemper shots this past week!

ABC Basset Hound Rescue is an all volunteer, 501-c-3 non-profit organization. All money used to pay these vet bills is from private donations, fundraising events, our ABC VIP monthly donors and items sold at The Slobber Shoppe.

Please consider donating to ABC Basset Hound Rescue to help us pay for these vet bills.


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