Angel & Holly

Name: Angel & Holly
Age: 1 year
Good with:
dogs: yes
cats: yes
kids: yes
adoption fee: $400 each
foster location: Tonawanda, NY

Holly and Angel are a bonded pair of 1 year old female bassets.  They came from a puppy mill and would do best to stay together.  They are both skittish, and rely on each other for comfort.  They don’t need to be in constant sight of each other, but they do cuddle together and comfort each other throughout the day.    Having access to outside through a doggy door or a tie out line may be beneficial at first as they learn to be comfortable to a new home.  They are very playful and have typical puppy like energy.  With time and patience they have become comfortable to our routine and even seek out love and cuddles.  They would do well with just each other or other dogs, but small children may be overstimulating for them.

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