Scarlett and Snickers in their Foster Home

Scarlett and Snickers on their way to their new foster home of Jennifer Carmichael Fruehauf. The pretty red and white basset is Lady who seems to be enjoying her new girlfriends.

Jennifer posted the following on her beautiful new fosters:

“…they are BOTH lovers and doing very well with all of the changes. They have met so many new people, since they began their journey in Tennessee, but they just see it as another face to kiss, big or small, children, adults or other dogs!! They will be going to the vet tomorrow to get on the road to recovery, so that they can go HOME. That is all these two beautiful girls want is a home full of love. Until they find their forever home, we will be here to give them lots of attention, belly rubs and cuddling ♥

…these two LOVERS are looking for a home TOGETHER. They saw the vet last night and took the first step to a long, healthy life. They will be ready to go to a forever home, just as soon as we are sure that we got rid of that pesky Heartworm. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers during their treatment. I know that someone out there has room in their home and heart for these two beautiful girls!!”

Many thanks to the Fruehauf’s for fostering these beautiful girls.

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