Remus is Going Home!

Two year old Remus of the Texas 6 transport has been adopted!  Many thanks to ABC for rescuing Remus from a Texas breeder who released his dogs and for transporting six Bassets to Buffalo, NY.  Thanks, yet again, to the Morrisons for providing this little guy with a temporary foster home he so desperately needed.  This was probably the first time ever that Remus was in a home and part of a family.  John and Theresa renamed him Peanut.   The change in Peanut’s appearance was dramatic – he just blossomed in his foster home.

Peanut has a beautiful sister Basset, Holly, in his new home.  Thanks to Charlie for providing this handsome boy with a forever family and the start of a new, wonderful life for Peanut.  Thank you Holly for welcoming Peanut into her home and showing him the ropes – he will still have tons to learn.  He’s probably seen a lot of suffering in his short life and your love will give him the life he deserves.  Congratulations Peanut and take good care of your new family!  We hope you have many happy years to enjoy each other.  Stay tuned – we’ve heard that Charlie and Theresa, Peanut’s foster Mom, will be guest blogging here about Peanut’s adventures!

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