Rags to Ribbons: Diesel and Princess win AKC Agility Trials!

Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports at the AKC and in the U.S.  It is an athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork.  It is a great way to safely exercise dogs, as well as the humans too!

Two ABC adopted Basset Hounds have recently won AKC Agility ribbons.  Shelly Gordon (Vice Chairman of ABC, runs the Slobber Shoppe AND is ABC webmaster), recently won the AKC JWW Novice Agility run with her adopted hound, Diesel Gustav Gordon.  Congratulations to Shelly and Diesel!  (We were curious about how Diesel got his name.  The only dog we ever knew named Diesel worked in a gas station.  Turns out his name when Shelly adopted him from ABC was Mr. Cheesel.)  Shelly and Diesel train in Buffalo.  They compete against other dogs that jump 8″, like Corgies, Doxies and other small dogs.  Amanda Lowery is their amazing instructor.  Shelly also has another Basset, Eeyore who is testing to be a nursing home therapy dog.  Good job Shelly and Diesel, Eeyore and you too Duke!

Look at that face – Diesel enjoys agility as much as his humans!

Amazingly, another ABC alumni, Princess, and her Mom, Lisa Lucas, are agility stars as well.  Princess is the #1 Basset Hound in AKC Agility Trials in the country – and, she recently received the 1st ever AKC Basset Hound agility PAX title!  Now, that’s impressive!  (Actually, we think it’s impressive to see hounds that actually listen to their humans.

Lisa just adopted another ABC Basset, Bosley.  We’re sure there is a super star in Bosley’s future also.  It would be great to see all 3 ABC hounds competing with each other in agility!

Congratulations to Princess and Diesel – that’s the way to show the world that ABC rescue dogs can do anything!


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