Queen Shelby – Puppy Mill To Forever Home!

Awwww, Gary and Kathy Penny are foster failing with Shelby! Shelby was brought up from a puppy mill in MO back in Dec 2009. She was adopted but her new home was unable to socialize her to family life and she was returned to ABC. Gary and Kathy have been fostering her since May 2010 and, with great patience and perseverance, gotten her to overcome some of her fear of humans and enjoy her new household. Shelby was voted 2011 Queen at the ABC Summer Fest and looks beautiful in her regalia! What a wonderful lady she is!

Congratulations to Shelby! And congratulations to Gary and Kathy who had the love and patience to provide her with a great forever home and a happy end to her rescue story! May you enjoy many years of happiness and love with her.

Read about Shelby’s amazing trek from puppy mill to her new life on the ABC website, https://www.nybasset.org/dogs_hillside_choir.html in the Special Needs section of Available bassets.

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