Wooten and his buddy, Stubbs, were strays in Kentucky. The shelter reached out to ABC for help and we of course said yes!
Wooten is mostly housebroken, he does not let you know when he needs to go out, but when taken out regularly, there has’t been any issues. Wooten is also crate trained. If his foster family is home and he’s in the crate, he will whine.
Cats are no issue for Wooten! He is a little timid around other dogs at first, takes a little while to warm up. But one thing he does love…humans!
Wooten is a little afraid of the leash being put on but once it’s one, he’s a very good leash walker. No pulling!
Wooten is still young so he loves to get into things like a pile of clothes or stack of papers but he will happily give it up to his owners. A fence is not required but should not be unleashed if there isn’t a fence because if frightened, he will bolt.
Wooten is a real sweetie and the biggest snuggle bug. His favorite thing is cuddling with a human and he’d do best with a family that wants a physically affectionate dog. He’s just overjoyed to be in a house as well, and would rather be inside curled up on the couch than go outside (I think the couch is his second favorite thing). He’d be happiest with a family that would let him get on the furniture with them.
He’s super excited for food and will try to get as much as possible, as frequently as possible. Although he could stand to put on weight, he should be fed in small-ish portions rather than one big meal or else he throws up. He’ll try to counter surf to get more food and figured out how to open our pantry to get at the kibble, so he needs to be watched around food.
He will need a bit of training to work on manners and knowing what’s ok and not ok to chew on, but overall, he’s doing really well considering that he was a stray.  He’s a little timid at first and easily frightened (loud noises, sudden movements, bicycles, the leash), but warms up to people very quickly and becomes quite outgoing. We have never seen him show any fear aggression. He just wants attention and love. 


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