Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a 2 year old female basset hound mix that came to us from Kentucky. She was found as a stray, wandering around with two other dogs. Sweet Pea weighs approximately 25 pounds.

Sweet Pea interacts normally with both the cats and the dogs in her foster home. She sleeps through the night in the big bed, at her foster home. She is not giving off a cue as to when she wants to go outside to potty yet. Her foster Mom is attempting to figure out what that is. She is housebroken, but an initial accident or two is to be expected after a transition to a new setting. Either a fenced in yard or multiple walks daily on a leash will be needed.

She walks with a harness, due to a bit of pulling, but is easily corrected, due to her size. Leash walking will probably take a little time for her to improve on. She absolutely loves to snuggle and be close to her person and will sleep with you in bed if you let her. She is getting better with being in a crate; not 100% but better. Sweet Pea is not being fostered with kids, but she seems so laid back and loving I don’t think kids would be a problem overall. She does jump a bit when excited (working on that) so she could knock down a younger child unintentionally. She is a very, very sweet little girl who just wants to be loved.

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