Otto was a stray and picked up by Oswego County. The shelter didn’t adopt him out because he needed an expensive dental procedure so he was turned over to ABC so we could provide him with that much needed dental.

Otto loves to go on walks and does well on a leash, with a little tugging to get moving. Otto loves to cuddle for a while and then will find a nice cozy corner of the couch or a dog bed that is free to curl up and sleep. He shows no signs of food aggression. Otto wants to be with someone as much as possible. Otto has also been found counter surfing for scraps; don’t let his size fool you. He can reach a table top. Otto is currently working on his house training.

Otto loves other dogs! He wags his tail, when he sees another dog. Otto is a happy boy that is usually wagging his tail. He is on the smaller side for being a male and weighs in at less than 50 pounds.

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