Molly came all the way from Kentucky! Molly was a stray and found herself at a high-kill shelter. She was passed over by other rescues in the area so ABC was contacted. Molly is basset with a dash a beagle mixed in. She’s small, only 40lbs. Molly would need a home with a fenced yard.

Molly is a real snuggler. She is good with men, women and children. She is also great with other dogs. Molly has been pretty quiet and so far is not a big barker. She likes to cuddle and to be pet. Molly also gives kisses. She is a really great dog. Her foster family thinks she will make a wonderful family dog.

Molly is a submissive basset. She was very interested in my cat and would initially chase her, but when she caught up to her, she wouldn’t do anything. Now that she has settled in, she basically ignores the cat ,for the most part.

She does enjoy chewing, so Molly needs toys available. She doesn’t chew on the furniture, but will chew on my daughter’s toys or shoes if they are left out. She is good with dogs/cats/kids/men/women.

Molly requires a fenced in yard. She will try to run out the front door. The foster has been working on “stay” and she is making some progress. She enjoys being around my other dogs immensely. She is very sweet and likes to cuddle in bed or on the couch. Molly is crated while foster is away and she has no accidents in it. However, she will bark when left in it.

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