Felix is a 4 month old bloodhound/great dane mix. He was turned in to rescue when his owner had to take custody of her grandchildren unexpectedly. He came all the way from Oklahoma to find his forever home. Felix walks well on a leash and loves the other dog in the house.

Felix is playful, lovable, cuddles and learns quickly by observing Jackson (foster brother). He responds well to little treats. He plays well with toys and is not destructive with them. His favorite toy is the plastic flower pot in the back yard. He’s so easy to please. His second favorite is a Kong containing PB; even when the PB is gone, he chews on it so it must help his teeth. He has lost 3 baby teeth, since he has been with us.

We put Felix in his crate throughout the day, when we are home to reassure him he’s okay that he’s just taking a time out and we feed him in his crate with the door opened. Daycare puts the dogs in a crate twice a day and we are hoping Felix will see the other dogs in their crate behaving and will follow suit.  Felix doesn’t like to be confined.


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