Corbin was a stray from KY. Corbin is housebroken, he will go to he door to go out. He is crate trained but prefers to sleep on dog bed or couch. Has been out side of crate during the day alone and has not destroyed anything. He is dog friendly, he is scared of cats. but does not attack them.

Unsure if kid friendly as the foster does not have children.

Needs some work with walking on a leash and training. pulls when walking or wont move. No separation anxiety or destructive behavior. Definitely needs a fence. would be an escape artist for sure when out runs my fence looking for an out.

No guarding issues, actually very timid.

The foster has dogs, cats and chickens. He shows interest in roosters that are not caged and he appears that would like to go after if he wasn’t on a leash.

He is a very sweet dog but will need some one willing to work with him and gain his trust again.

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