Chico came from Kentucky. His family cannot get his allergies under control and it was getting too costly for them so they surrendered him. Chico is crate trained and house trained. He has had allergy testing so we know what he can and can’t eat. His foster mom has already seen an improvement in him since his food was switched.
Chico loves affection and is very sweet and snuggly. He is very playful and plays well with the bassets in his foster home.

Chico is a very outgoing, loves people, and attention. He is very food motivated and has learned the commands sit, crate, and spin. We are working on “down.” This has been more challenging. With his food allergies, it is important to keep him separate from other dogs while feeding and also to avoid dropping human food. We are also working on training “leave it” to help this as well. Being he is quick around food, he would be best in a home without small children.

Chico is playful, enjoys walks, but also loves to lay on the couch and snuggle right up to those around him.. He picks up the household routine quick and is fully house trained. Chico loves his family and does bark at strangers or other dogs in the home and on a walk. We have been working on “quiet” and have seen improvement during walks past people and other dogs.

Chico doesn’t let his allergies get him down. Chico’s allergies are getting under control, with a few tweaks to the home environment and reading food labels. It has become manageable and we are seeing great improvements and less scratching/itching.

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