Bertha came all the way from West Virginia.  She was in a kill shelter along with over 80+ other dogs. She was deemed unadoptable because she had a bulging eye. Little did they know the bulging eye was glaucoma. The shelter was not going to treat it, they were just giving her Tramadol to help with pain. When she arrived in NY, she was taken to the vet where they deemed the eye untreatable. The eye was removed to relieve her pain.

Bertha is a sweet, loving girl who just wants to be around her people family.  She will beg you for head and belly rubs for a short while, but then settle down and relax.  Bertha does like to follow you around if you go somewhere.  Bertha gets along well with everyone in the household (men, woman, and teenagers).  She has been doing fine going up and down stairs on her own with up to eight steps at a time.  She sleeps through the night and does well being left home during the day with only one accident since being here (and that was a longer day than usual).  She will sleep on a dog bed without complaint.  Bertha also likes to cuddle next to you on the couch which she can get up to on her own.  She has not destroyed anything in the home while she has free roaming privileges while we are out.  

Bertha gets along fine with our older Basset and even tries to get him to play with her now and then.  She only barks now and then when our Basset barks or for a short time after you leave.  She does well eating.  It would be better to feed her separately to be sure there are no issues in your home.  She loves to go for walks and does a great job walking on a leash.  Bertha had her eye removed on 10/9 due to glaucoma.  This does not impact her finding her way around and it looks like she is winking at you all day.  She also had a dental cleaning with one tooth removed. Bertha is a beautiful girl who deserves a forever home she can call her own.  

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