Baxter is a basset mix, he is taller than your average basset but just as sweet.  He is an active dog but not hyper.  He does require an hour plus of walking throughout the day (broken up).  He loves to walk and is a good walker, if you are fitness minded, no worries you will get your steps in with this boy.   He also loves being outside, if you have a fenced yard, he will be content to chill outside after a walk.   He did tend to pull at first, we are working on this we are using a martingale collar and a very long lead/leash.   He has a mission on his walks- squirrels and bunnies.

He is house broken and will let you know when he has to go out, he easily fell into our routine and we are big dog walkers which he LOVED!!   Sometimes he is just bored and wants to go out again after you just came home from a walk, he will whine but redirected he does settled down.  He is basset when it comes to napping and sleeping.   During the day, we do crate him and his is fine being in the crate but I also think he would be fine uncrated.  We have not seen any destructive behavior.

He eats well and drinks well and loves a good treat.   He is good with older kids (4+), I am not sure with toddlers or younger, only because he has not been exposed to them.   I feel he is good with other dogs, an active young male might test him.   I am not sure how he would be with cats, he has a strong squirrel and bunny prey drive.  It would really depend on the cat and the slow, well thought out introduction.

He did well getting a bath, he is currently on a small antibiotic pill that he easily takes with a glob of peanut butter.  Not sure about a nail trim, have not done one while fostering him, I would take precautions at first due to the unknown.  I have cleaned his ears without issues, will moan if you hit the right spot😊

I did take him to the vet and did help the vet by holding him while she looked in his ears, we had no issue. I have noticed with Baxter he does feed off your energy and works well off of strong and confident energy from his human.

He is a plug and play dog, once he settles in and gets into routine and schedule he is golden.  He deserves to be a fun active home where he can blossom and be the great, goofy, “you know I don’t speak Spanish” Baxter that he is.

Give this boy a chance and you will have a great dog!!