Annie is a “Beabull” (bulldog/beagle mix). She was used for breeding in a puppy mill in Ohio.

Annie startles easy with sudden movements and loud noises, due to her past. Therefore, for her benefit, she will not be homed with young children and will require a fenced in yard. Annie would be okay as the only dog in the home or another submissive dog.

Annie has been with her foster home for a short time. Annie got upset with the noise of the vacuum cleaner. (Some puppy mill dogs have never heard every day noises that other dogs are accustomed to.) Annie’s foster home is working with her to on this issue. Annie is unsure about the bigger foster dog in the house. She isn’t sure if she is a fan of hers or not. Annie has been fine with all other dogs and cats, thus far. Stay tuned for more updates on Annie soon.


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