Annie is a 1 year old female beabull puppy mill dog. She has been with her foster family since late July. When she first came to foster care she would barely interact with her family, would not take treats or come when called. She avoided eye contact She now loves to play, goes outside and comes indoors when prompted. Annie still startled a bit with loud sounds and new sounds. She does not enjoy the vacuum cleaner.

Annie is slowly becoming more affectionate.  She loves to give kisses!  She is very playful in the morning and enjoys running around the yard and chasing balls (but not bringing them back).  She loves chewing on bones and dog chews as well as plays with most dog toys.  She rolled on her back to get a belly rub Monday and she definitely is starting to enjoy attention.

Annie is more acclimated to the house and is freely walking around no issue.  She gets startled with noises she doesn’t expect.  (Even some that she’s heard before).  She still sleeps in her crate at night and does great for that.  She even has her own “spot”
She has been walking well on the leash in the back yard.  We are working on basic commands, sit, down, come and she is progressing well. She did great in the car, and great with 2 dogs (medium size- both mixes).  She did excellent at PetSmart.  We weighed her and she had a grand time jumping back up on the scale.  She liked it! Unlike most others!


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