Presenting the Happy Days Crew!

Recently, ABC was contacted by Hounds Haven Basset Rescue of Iowa who were in desperate need of help. Here’s the story:
A bad-news breeder bought 9 bassets at an auction in June to use to start  breeding. A few of the bassets escaped from the kennel, ran next door to a farmer’s house and killed a couple of his chickens. The farmer came out with a gun and shot and killed 2 of the bassets. The breeder corralled the rest of the bassets, but not before the sheriff came and turned her in to the Humane Society for mistreating her dogs. She was forced to turn over the remaining 7 bassets, a lab, and 7 German shepherds she used for breeding. Not one of the dogs had any shots or vet care, so the breeder wouldn’t lose any profits by investing in the dogs health. However, the breed could invest in a brand new Ford pickup truck to deliver the dogs in. You can see the truck and one of the hounds in her crate from the puppy mill auction, with “sold” tag in tact.
Hounds Haven got 7 of the dogs, but needed our help! All seven of the dogs were in one foster home! Five of the seven dogs will be arriving in New York foster homes this Sunday…Joanie, Fonzie, Marion, Jenny, and Potsie….the Happy Days Crew, straight out of Iowa!
These hounds will need shots, spay/neuter, vet care, potty training, love, and maybe even a couch to snooze on. If you’d like to help these or other hounds please visit ABC’s website, scroll to the bottom, and become a basset angel!
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