Polly flies into New York

On January 9th, 2013 the call came in to our Intake Coordinator, John Morrison, that a senior hound needed ABC’s help. It seemed that Polly’s mom had passed away and her elderly dad couldn’t continue to take care for her without his wife’s help. He contacted Carolina Basset Hound Rescue to take her, but they didn’t have any room for her in foster care. So, ABC was contacted to take Polly and John couldn’t resist her pretty face.

The problem was…How to get Polly from Carolina to New York? Ava from CBHR had an idea. Maybe Pilots ‘n Paws could help out. They agreed to fly her to Buffalo, New York but she was on a waiting list. In the meantime, she stayed in a temporary foster home in Carolina. She made friends with 2 other bassets and a 3 year old human (who sent an amazing drawing with her paperwork).
Finally, on February 2nd she hopped a flight from Carolina to Virginia, but due to weather she missed her second flight and was stranded in Virginia. That is when BROOD basset rescue stepped in to find her a temporary foster home. She stayed with Dave Pasqualini for a week where he went out of his way to make her at home. He even took her to the vet when he noticed she wasn’t getting around all that well. They determined that arthritis and the airplane ride may be the culprit, so she left with some pills to make her more comfortable.
After over a full week, Polly was able to catch her flight to Buffalo. She arrived February 10th at about 4:45 pm to Niagara Falls Aviation. John and Theresa Morrison picked her up right at the airplane.
Polly getting out of her comfy 1st class seat. Mahesh and John posing with Polly. She jumped right into the Morrison’s car and was ready to get someplace warm. She made herself right at home by stealing Pumpkin’s (one of the Morrison’s dogs) dog bed and blanket. She will be staying with the Morrison’s for awhile to be evaluated.
It has been a very long journey for Polly and hopefully someone will find a place in their heart and a home for this little girl. She really deserves to find a forever home, even if it is for a few years. Senior dogs bring more joy to people than you may realize. If you are interested in adopting Polly, please fill out an adoption application at www.nybasset.org.
And again thank you for all the help Carolina Basset Hound Rescue, BROOD, Dave Pasqualini, and Leslie, Christoph, and Mahesh from Pilots ‘n Paws. You are all amazing!!
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