Perfect Match Monday-Stella Sue

Today’s Perfect Match Monday is a basset whom needed a little “extra attention” when she came into the rescue and found a great home along the way. This is the story of Stella Sue.

Stella Sue came into ABC Basset Rescue in August of 2012. She came to us from Carolina with pain medication and specific instructions for dosage to reduce pain in her knees. She would run and her back leg would limp. When Stella’s foster mom in NY, Alicia, took her to the vet he suggested physical therapy for Stella to help with the muscle pain. After two sessions of PT, she wouldn’t need to be on pain medicine for the rest of her life. ABC decided that it was worth a try and thought it would increase her chances of finding a forever home.

In September, Jan couldn’t resist Stella Sue’s pictures on the ABC website any longer and she decided to adopt Stella. The problem with this was getting her from Buffalo to Brooklyn. Stella bummed a ride with The Morrison’s to Droolfest in Saratoga Springs, NY in October, but to Jan’s dismay she had gotten sick and had to send her husband, Aaron, on the four hour ride to pick her up. After
almost a month, Stella had finally made her way home.

Stella Sue had a routine of physical therapy exercises to do, but Jan has told us that she doesn’t really need them anymore with the runs in the park, frequent walks and all the stairs in the house. Her leg seems to be doing just fine these days.

One of the cutest things about Stella is her tongue. It seems to stick out of her mouth most of the time. You can see the perfect example of this on ABC’s postcard mailer (she is the cutie on the left-hand side…on her back with her tongue hanging out). When she lays on her side, with her tongue sticking out, the cats enjoy laying with her.

She loves her walks and pulls ahead when the whole family goes out. She makes sure she looks back to make sure everyone is still with her. She “calls out” along the way to all of the cats and other dogs on her walks and barks enthusiastically to them to say “Hello!” Jan tells us that she even “seems insulted if a dog doesn’t respond, wagging and barking back at her”. It seems that she has caught the eye of Max, a neighbor’s 3-year-old Pit bull. When they get in front of Max’s house she will stop dead in her tracks and wait to see if he is looking out for her. He makes sure that his parents know that he wants to go out and play with “his favorite gal”.

The Stern’s have given Stella Sue an amazing forever home where she is running without a limp, has cat friends who love to snuggle and a way younger beau down the street. For that, we think this is a Perfect Match.

First posted 3/4/13

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