Paws of Texas Rescue – GEM’s story

Paws of Texas Basset Rescue are calling her GEM, one of the Texas Bassets rescued and brought into the veterinarian on Thursday.

From the Paws of Texas FaceBook page a very cool note from GEM:

“Guess what?! Today one of the people from Paws of Texas took me to the vet and he told me I’m pregnant! Then they kissed me and petted me and even trimmed my toenails. They said my nails were way too long…they did hurt when I walked. After the doctor, the nice lady drove me to a place where she bathed me. You wouldn’t believe how dirty I was! She massaged my whole body with this good smelling shampoo. Yum! Everyone said my name should be Gem, and I love it! It will help me forget my horrible past. Well I’m pooped, night everyone! :-P”

The vet is concerned about Gem’s weight, especially with her pregnancy. Currently, they have her eating puppy kibble mixed with canned puppy and baby food to help her gain weight.  She is also getting special vitamins to help her with the pregnancy. She hasn’t known much of a life other than breeding and this will be her last litter, thankfully.  She has never truly been shown love or had a home.  Gem will remain in foster care until her puppies are weaned and she can be spayed.  The vet said she is about 1 month pregnant.  Hopefully, they will all find wonderful, loving, forever homes and Gem can begin to enjoy life.

This puppy mill produced over 5,000 basset hound puppies!  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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