Paws of Texas Rescue – GEM’s Story Update

Gem was one of the four pregnant Bassets rescued on New Year’s Eve from a Texas breeder (See Gem’s Blog story from 12/31/2011.)  She was taken into foster care by Paws of Texas Rescue who had the resources to deal with her pregnancy.  Besides being severely underweight Gem has teeth abscesses. The special Basset angels at Paws have been feeding her a special diet to help her gain weight and vitamins to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.  Here’s a new picture of how she looks today.  So much better!  Thank you Paws Rescue for the TLC and special care you have been showing this elegant senior lady.  We hope that she will deliver healthy puppies without any problems and can retire to enjoy life in a loving forever family.

Following is an update from the Paws of TX FaceBook page:

“Gem loved her trip to the pet store. Isn’t she beautiful?! She’s so sweet and loving.  We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow to see how her pregnancy is progressing. We are still concerned since she hasn’t put on as much weight as we would like, but we see some bulges when she lays down. ”

Please keep Gem in your thoughts and prayers.  And don’t forget that she and her pups will need loving forever homes!

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