name: Oreo
age: apprx. 2 years 6 months
good with
dogs: yes
cats: unknown
kids: no
adoption fee: $275

Oreo is house trained and will stand by the door to indicate that he needs to go outside. Oreo will go into the crate with treats to entice him in. He whines a bit when he first goes into the crate, but settles down. Oreo is dog friendly, but it takes him a bit to warm up to new dogs. Oreo is leash trained. He will slightly pull, but stops if you say “easy” or his name. A harness is recommended for Oreo, since he can back out of his collar. Oreo has been around horses and is just curious of them. Oreo is overweight and is currently on a weight management food. He does like to rough house with people, but will settle down with a firm “no.” Oreo is also a cuddle bug that would lay in your lap all day. He snores at night, but loves to sleep in the bedroom or on the bed with us. He is very affectionate, gets excited jumps and wags like crazy when we get home. A firm “no” with the jumping appears to work. Oreo loves to be outside and go for walks; he will adventure everywhere and readily jumps into the car. He would be perfect for someone that wants a close companion and has time to spend all day with him. Oreo is being fostered in Victor, NY.

All basset hound/dogs are up to date on vaccinations, altered, and placed on heart worm preventative prior to being adopted.

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