Need a Male in Your Life?

They may not fix the plumbing but, these boys will curl up on the sofa and watch a Chick Flick without rolling their eyes !

Jake is a very mellow dog, at times he likes to play with the other dogs ,but for the most part he is content to sit back and watch. He is good with both adults and kids. Jake loves his walks, and trots along at a fast pace. He does very well at meal times and is house trained. Jake is a barker, and when he gets started it is difficult to get him to stop. Over all he is a very nice dog and not to many issues, if any.


Mikey is a young dog with a lot of potential. On the plus side he is very lovable and responds well to adults and kids. For the most part he gets along with the other dogs and walks very well on a leash.  The problem areas for Mikey is  with his food  and attention. When it is meal time he will jump up and try to get at the food before it is ready to be given to him. When he gets it he will gobble it down as quick as possible. When I am giving Mikey some attention and another dog comes up to get some attention Mikey will growl at him. A few minor problem areas ,but we are working on them and he is responding well.

Stewie is an absolute sweetheart. He loves to give kisses and likes attention from anyone who will give him some. Stewie gets along well with the other dogs and walks along nicely on a leash. he will jump up when it is meal time and will gobble his food down rather quick. With time I think he will realize no one is going to take his food from him. I see signs of improvement already. He should make some lucky person very happy someday.


Please visit and fill out an adoption application, to get your Hunk of Love. 
Date night  will never be the same!

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