Mike and Molly’s Amazing Tale

Mike and Molly were turned into animal control when their owner passed away.  They almost didn’t get a second chance at life because their time in the shelter was up.  Fortunately, ABCHR heard of their plight and stepped up at the last minute to take them in.  Bonded pairs are hard to place and older bonded pairs are even harder.  It is a very good thing for Mike and Molly that there was an organization like ABC that committed to help them or their tale could have had a tragic ending.

When Mike and Molly first came in to ABC, they were scared and didn’t interact with their foster parents much.  In the loving home of their foster Mom and Dad, Teal and Jay Boerenko, their true, sweet natures blossomed.  They became affectionate with their foster parents and would nudge them with their noses for attention.

Their foster Mom describes a strong and unique bond between Mike and Molly.  “They are ALWAYS near each other. They do EVERYTHING together…Molly, at least once or twice a day, just licks Mike’s face, and he loves it. It’s rare that one is sleeping and the other is walking around. When that happens, the other usually follows. They are VERY friendly, and love everyone they’ve met. They share a crate at night and when left alone.”  It would truly have been heartbreaking to have to separate them at this point in their lives.

Recently Mike had to undergo two emergency surgeries for bloat.  For a few days he had everyone very worried that he might not pull through.  ABC remained steadfast in their commitment to Mike and supported him through both surgeries.  With all that love and support Mike did pull through and the pair was ready for adoption when Mike recovered.

Their final miracle happened when a wonderful, loving couple, Tom and Rose, adopted them.  Their foster Mom described it as a hard day when she had to send them on, but she was overjoyed and grateful to see them going together into the perfect home.  Teal said, “Thank you to everybody involved in getting them to the right
home and for all the support when we had them and the help when Mike was sick…thank you for not giving up on Mike and doing the surgery to save

Another amazing success story for ABC who rescued Mike and Molly from death, transported them, supported them in a loving foster home and throughout Mike’s surgeries and kept them together to be adopted into a loving home.  Thanks to all for sharing this truly amazing rescue tale that is an inspiration to rescuers everywhere.  Special thanks to Teal and Jay for fostering them and for giving them such extraodinary loving care through Mike’s medical crisis.  You guys made their miracle possible.  Finally, thank you to Tom and Rose for loving Mike and Molly and giving them a home…together.  May you have many happy, healthy years to enjoy.

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