Merry Christmas from Spanky

Spanky is sending warmest wishes for a wonderful Holiday to all of his friends and family at ABC.  Thanks to ABC’s rescue and support he is happy and, finally, well adjusted to his insulin regime.  It is truly a blessing to see him doing well and enjoying every single day.

Spanky visited with Santa Paws and asked him to bring all of the homeless hounds and kitties a home for Christmas, and, just a small request for himself…a rib roast!

Spanky asks that you consider an end of year donation to ABCBHR to help homeless Bassets like him.  We need your support to help pay the approx $35,000 in vet bills we accrue annually to care for these Bassets.  Your support will give these dogs another chance to be loved.  Spanky is so greatful that ABC angels were there to rescue him from a shelter and almost certain death and then to find him the perfect forever home where he has a loving new Mom and Dad and many new friends.

You can support ABC through a donation or by becoming a virtual foster home or Angel for ABC. Shop the Slobber Shoppe for wonderful and unique gifts and hound related items where all proceeds go to rehome homeless Bassets. Dogs like Spanky are forever grateful for your generous support!

you and Happy Holidays!
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