January Road Warriors Rescue Southern Bassets

ABC’s wonderful road warrior, Bob Richardson, is meeting up with several transports in TN to escort nine homeless Basset Hounds to find their forever homes in Buffalo, NY.  Braving the ice and snow and cold temperatures in the Northeast Bob will be driving these beautiful boys and girls due to arrive on Saturday.

From the warm Southland to warm fires and hearts of new forever homes!

Beau is a handsome houndie who will be meeting his new forever family today!  His original owners took him to the vet to have him put down for just being a puppy. They didn’t want to deal with his “puppy power” anymore.   The rescue folks in Texas let ABC know about the sad situation this gorgeous pup was in and ABC swooped in to save the day. The vet took the money the owners gave to put him down and ABC kicked in the rest to update his shots and neuter him. Everyone at the vet says he’s very sweet, but a little drooly……what Basset isn’t??

John Otis is a five year old who was scheduled to be euthanized today.  Instead he hitched a ride with Bob and caught a ride on the transport coming North. Talk about a change of fortune!!   Instead of the end of his life today will mark his new life with a new forever home.  John Otis is little guy with a big heart.   He has lots of love to give his new lucky home.
Daisy is a beautiful eight year old that was an owner relinquish from Texas. Daisy was described by her owner as an Alpha dog that loves belly rubs. She knows how to sit and roll over and loves to chew on rawhide bones. Who wants to give this sweet girl a new home??

Dudley is a 10 month old male. You are probably thinking he doesn’t look like a traditional basset, and you’re right.  Dudley is more of a “field basset”.   He has long legs that will keep his belly from dragging in the snow.  Dudley has lots of puppy energy, but knows also enjoys his nap time.

These are just some of the beautiful hounds up for adoption at ABC.  Go to ABC Basset Hound Rescue to see the complete list of available hounds and to make out an application to adopt.

Thanks to ABC and all the drivers who are traversing many miles to get these sweet guys to their Northern forever homes.  And congratulations to the lucky families who will taking home some of these wonderful Bassets today!

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