How This Woman’s Husband Tells Her They are Adopting a Basset

As all of us involved in rescue know, there are many, many heartwarming moments. Today, I got to experience one like I never have before in my 18 years with ABC Basset Hound Rescue, and I wanted to share it.
Tom and Kandy are foster parents for ABC Basset Hound Rescue. They recently, on incredibly short notice, took on, Noelle, a 3-month-old basset hound puppy. I’ve been after Tom and Kandy to adopt for years but Tom has shared that the pain of losing his last dog, Sassy, has been too much and he couldn’t face that possibility again.
I took this photo of Kandy and her daughter, Ashley, with Noelle and texted it to Tom. He wrote back:
“With the look on Kandy’s face, you captured a moment rarely seen…much less photographed. That’s the girl I fell in love with and married 28 years ago. Thank you for capturing that moment.”
Tom then shocked me. He told me if that puppy could make his Kandy smile so brightly then it was time.
It was time to stop fostering.
It was time to let a puppy bring smiles back to their faces.
It was time to take a chance on love again.
It was time to sign the adoption papers and make it official.
Tom wanted to surprise Kandy with this news on Facebook. That’s right, Noelle is a foster failure!
Merry Christmas, Kandy! Say hello to YOUR puppy Noelle!
Merry Christmas, Tom! Thanks for allowing a dog back in your life again!
Merry Christmas, Noelle! YOU just hit the basset lottery!
Now THAT is a Christmas rescue story!
(And now I’m heading back to fill Slobber Shoppe orders with a spring in my step remembering why we all do this craziness!)
Shelly Gordon

ABC Basset Hound Rescue

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