Homer (Updated)

name: Homer
age: 4 years
good with
dogs: yes
cats: yes
kids: unknown
adoption fee: $275

UPDATED: 1/15/21: Homer had his surgery. He will be recovering for the next 6-8 weeks. We will start accepting applications for him mid-March.
UPDATED: 12/3: Homer is scheduled for surgery 1/7/21. We will update once additional information is available.
UPDATED 11/13: Homer is a handsome, quirky, and loving 4-year-old Basset who is excited to meet his new family.

He is the perfect combo of energetic and cuddly. Homer is just as easily ready to curl up for a nap as he is to go on adventurous walks. Homer is an excellent walker, though maybe a little vocal when excited, as Bassets can be.

Homer is housebroken (no marking from this good boy!) and now crate trained. He, like many Bassets, has a healthy appetite, and loves treats! He is still learning how to share, and can sometimes be protective of his bowl or bone, however he has already improved a lot with this and easily eats near our other hound and 2 cats at feeding time, with just a little extra space. He attaches to his people very quickly and will frequently stay by your side as you go about your day. He is the kind of dog to stretch awake with you in the morning, be your side-kick through the day or eagerly greet you when you get home, and curl up again at night.

Homer was recently neutered and is already up to full speed again! He can be quite vocal with passersby, but generally will stop and come when called (though he can be stubborn sometimes due to bassetude.)

He has also tested Lyme Disease positive, however his test numbers show it is not currently an active issue! He does have some issues with his back knee and hip, though it doesn’t slow him down much, it does make him a little cranky and sore waking up at times, and sometimes will cause him to limp a little. We are currently monitoring the extent to see if he needs more intensive medical intervention before going to his forever home.

Homer is a little nervous at the vet and around new men in closed locations, however he overcomes it and learns to trust pretty easily given the right encouragement. (Mostly he just would like you to sit down when you first meet him, so he can meet you on his low basset level.) He also seems to relax instantly when our dog, Molly, was there and remained calm, so he seems to just need to work on his confidence. This goofy hound is friendly with our dog, and gentle with our 2 cats as well. Recently, he started showing some interest in toys but more than anything he just wants to find his forever people to play with them & them with him, give him big hugs, long cuddles and walks.

Please consider making a donation towards his veterinary expenses: https://nybasset.org/make-a-donation/

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