Homer (Updated)

name: Homer
age: 5 years
good with
dogs: yes, but has resource guarding issues
cats: yes
kids: unknown
adoption fee: $275

Homer has been fostered with another dog & cats. He has bonded with the dog and learned to respect the cats. However, precautions should be taken during feeding time, due to Homer’s resource guarding. For this reason, Homer may be best suited as an only dog. It is not known how Homer is with children, since he is not fostered with them. Please read on to learn about Homer to learn his story.

Homer has been in foster care for 7 months. He is the perfect combo of energetic & cuddly. Homer enjoys cuddling up as well as going for walks. He is vocal when he gets excited. He is housebroken and crate trained. Homer gets attached to his people quickly & likes to stay by their side. Homer tested positive for Lyme Disease, but his test numbers showed that it is not currently an active issue. He had some issues with his back knee and hip. Homer ended up having surgery for this & he has his last follow up appointment on March 16th at the vet. Approved adopters will get a chance to speak to his foster family for more details.

Homer is a little nervous at the vet & around new men in closed locations, however he overcomes it & learns to trust pretty easily given the right encouragement. Mostly he just would like you to sit down when you first meet him, so he can meet you on his low basset level. Recently, he started showing some interest in toys, but more of them & them with him, give him big hugs, long cuddles & walks.

If you would like to be considered for adoption, please submit an
application: https://nybasset.org/basset-hound-for-adoption/adoption-application/

Please consider making a donation towards his veterinary expenses:

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