Herman Foster Failure ??

Herman is being fostered by Deb and Steve Gittens, who also foster the sweet girl Gertie for ABC.  Here is a very cool post from BellyRubs Basset Rescue FB page by Kathy Kontrim who fostered Herman in TN before his transport to ABC’s Spring Basset Blast:

…”Here is a picture of my sweet foster boy in his new digs with his new sibs (he is 2nd from the left). On Sunday the ABC Basset Rescue coordinator told me that Herman did not get adopted at their Spring Bash. I was absolutely crushed! (I cried, actually.)  How could someone not pick him? However, the coordinator also told me that the couple that ran the the transport (Steve and Deb Gittens) really bonded with Herman.  After the event, they took him home – they hadn’t planned on that!  I got a note from Steve yesterday telling me how much he adored Herman. He said that he initially paid so much attention to him en-route because Herman is so strong and he was afraid he might bolt.  During their journey north Herman just cleaved to Steve.  Even off leash, at Saturday’s event, he was Steve’s shadow.  So Steve and Deb took Herman home and in Steve’s words…’I don’t think he is going anywhere. They call it a foster failure. I can’t wait to get him out on the boat with me.’  When I got Steve’s note I cried again. Discarded in Arkansas, loved in New York and in states in between!  Good Boy Herman!  I can’t wait to see him on the water!”
Steve commented, “As a child my family always had dogs. At age 15 I rescued a puppy that had distemper. I worked to pay for the trial medication and he survived. I named him Herman. Need I say more !!!!”

Thanks so much to the Gittens’ for making that long journey to bring these Southern Bassets to the Blast to find their forever homes and for sharing their home with Herman.  Let us know when this foster failure is official!

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