Happy Birthday to Spanky!

panky celebrated his 11th Birthday on May 23!   He is sending special thanks, hugs and snooter kisses to everyone at ABC that took him in when he was homeless.  He had just turned nine when his family gave him up.  He was homeless, sick, depressed and, had ABC not been there for him, he would have been turned into a shelter and euthanized.  Thanks to ABC and the miracle work of the Katonah-Bedford Veterinary Center that saved his life, Spanky is now stabilized on his diabetic medications, well adjusted and, most importantly, happy.  Thank you to ABC for letting us adopt him.  He was our first foster and failure – we are 0 for 1 – but we hope to foster again soon.  Spanky is very sweet and loves all animals and people – he is a true blessing in our lives and fills every day with joy.

We are so grateful that he got to enjoy such a wonderful birthday.  He loved everything…well mostly he loved his ground turkey cake and steak dinner!  Since Spanky is diabetic we had to find a cake that he could actually eat.  Special thanks to Auntie Mary Hallingse who searched her dog recipe books and found this wonderful ground turkey, rice and carrot cake that Spanky loved – he had some for breakfast this morning too! (We loved it too!)  Aunt Mary also sent us this great video of the Corgis singing Happy Birthday to Spanky.  It’s amazing, they really sing and Spanky was fascinated and listened to the entire song.  This was a very special gift for Spanky as he is blind.  Thank you Mary for taking the time to make Spanky’s birthday so wonderful – time must be in short supply in a household with…what is it…seven hounds!  Mary couldn’t be here in person but she most certainly was in spirit!

We are so grateful for Spanky’s life.  Happy Birthday sweet boy and may there be many, many more birthdays to enjoy!

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