Happy Birthday Eeyore!

Shelly and Don Gordon’s sweet Eeyore turned 9 this week!  The nursing home where Eeyore works  as therapy dog threw her a great birthday party.  Claude got to participate in the festivities too.  What a great picture of their happy faces – E knows this is all for her!

Therapy dogs provide not only a much needed break from the routine of the nursing home but also the love and affection that only a Basset can give.  Eeyore is already a pro as therapy dog.

One of the residents has her son drive in from Vermont every week to take her to buy snacks for  Eeyore’s visits.  It is wonderful to be so appreciated and E’s visits provide something every week for the residents to look forward to.  It is also a great activity for Mom and Son to get out of the nursing home to go shopping.  Shelly is a great Mom to take the time out of her busy schedule and share sweet Eeyore with the nursing home staff and residents.

Happy Birthday Eeyore!  Spanky sends snooters to you and wishes he could have been there with you to celebrate!  He said to tell you he will bring a special gift for you in September at DroolFest – he thought of flowers but decided you might like some snacks instead.  We wish you and your family a wonderful year and many more Happy Birthdays to come!


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