ABC VIP Coordinator


Elisa Skop: VIP Donation Co-Coordinator

I am one of the ABC volunteers working behind the scenes to help ensure all Bassets have a happy forever home.  I first became aware of ABC BHR through my sister, Jennifer Griem.  As a Buffalo native, I felt compelled to align with this rescue group even though I currently live in Carmel, NY (Putnam County) because it’s a great way to expand the reach of this rescue while maintaining ties to home.

Through both my professional career and volunteer activities, my goal is to make a difference in the quality of life of others, be they human or canine!  I attended my first Basset Blast in 2009 at Fireman’s Park in Cheektowaga, enrolled in the VIP Program in 2013, and now I even have a few dog transports under my belt!  My primary role with ABC is as one of the 2 ABC VIP Coordinators, a role my sister and I share; we maintain the VIP monthly donation accounts to help ensure the hounds receive as much support as possible from our generous donors, and also work at the Basset Blast, signing up new VIPs and answering questions.

Three years ago I was unofficially crowned “Foster Failure” since I become overly attached to the then 4-yr-old, red and white that I was supposed to be temporarily fostering!  I have 2 Bassets, Cooper and Tessa (the aforementioned foster)  They’ve both won-over many hearts and I just can’t imagine life without them.  When I’m not scooping poop or walking hounds, I’m employed at a pharmaceutical company in Tarrytown, NY, where I’ve worked for the past 18 years, previously starting and managing the lab responsible for analyzing clinical samples, and currently as an Associate Director in project management.  In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, photography, and baking.