Name: Ditto
Age: 1 year

Sex: Female
Good with:
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Kids: yes
Adoption fee: $400
Foster location: Erie, PA

Ditto was found as a stray in Missouri. He was at a kill shelter and scheduled to be euthanized, but we were able to get her in time.

Ditto, has a wonderful personality. She is affectionate, playful, and funny. Her goofiness makes us all  laugh quite often. Ditto is great with older children and though I have not seen her interact with children younger than 8 years old, With her personality being as sweet as it is though I am fairly certain that the worst she might do is knock down an unsteady toddler out of excitement. It would also be wise to keep an eye on anyone who has food, Ditto LOVES food and doesn’t have the best “table manners”.
Ditto is great with my dogs and my neighbors dogs and often naps with them. She is around a Pitt Bull, a Black Lab a Basset and a Basset mix on a regular basis and is wonderful with all of them.  Plays tig of war and all kinds of things with them.  She does tend to be not so well with cats she will chase and bark at them.
Ditto loves to play and explore. Her curiosity knows no bounds and if she can get into something, she will. Even if she is told no a dozen times, she will still find a way to get into something if she really wants it. So, ditto cannot be left on her own for any length of time unless she is in a secure area with access to only what she is allowed to play with and destroy. Otherwise, she will almost be guaranteed to get into something she should not have. Ditto is also extremely athletic and can easily clear our 3 foot gate, so I recommend a training crate be used ANY time that she is left unattended.  She is good with the crate and will almost always go in when you say ‘DITTO CRATE’ and give her a treat.

Ditto has been much more difficult to housebreak than what I’m used to. To say she is stubborn would be an understatement. Ditto is a willful, strongheaded toddler on a mission to push ever ounce of patience one might have. She is let outside regularly and always more often following meals, she will wander around and even goes potty… then within minutes of her being back inside she will find her favorite spot (or just randomly the middle of whatever room she wants) and has a blatant “accident”. This behavior is something I am working on with her but have yet to break her of.

An active family would do her some good also as she has energy to burn.
Ditto is a wonderful little dog and deserves a loving, patient home where she can mature and develop into the perfect family member for her perfect family. Plus, she’s really stinking cute.

A veterinarian reference check & home check are required as part of the approval process.

The veterinarian check will include verifying the applicant’s past/present dog(s) is/are altered (spayed/neutered), current on vaccines (not just Rabies), tested negative for Heartworm & on monthly preventatives.

Meet & greets are only scheduled for approved applicants.



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