Daisy and Lucky – Rescued by Angels

This is just about the most amazing dog rescue story you are ever going to read.  There are simply no words to do it justice.  The hours of work, money, heartache, tears and joy involved by so many people to save Lucky and Daisy’s lives are awe-inspiring and humbling.  Tara LoCastro is a rescuer extraordinaire in FL who works with an internet network of support and various rescuers across the South to rehome homeless dogs.  She is not wealthy and lives on a single income.  Her home is always overflowing with rescues.  She is frustrated often, cries often, empties her bank account often, and saves, literally, hundreds of lives.  Quite simply, she is an angel.  In the case of Daisy and Lucky she was a miracle worker.

Many, many people helped to save Lucky and Daisy.  Both hounds needed extensive medical treatment to save their lives, not to mention getting them to the point of becoming adoptable.  Without all of the donations to raise the $3,000 in vet bills none of this would have been possible.  Without a vet – the wonderful Dr. Arun – who accepted a rescuer fee for his medical services, Daisy and Lucky would have died.  Without the many people who transported Daisy and Lucky – from West Palm Beach, FL all the way to Buffalo, NY – they would not have made it to their wonderful forever home.  Tara coordinated this, in her free time, while doing the same for many other animals.  It’s absolutely awe-inspiring, heartbreaking, humbling – and, finally, joyous and wonderful – to see Daisy and Lucky in a loving home.  If you ever have a few extra dollars or cents please consider one of Tara’s chip ins for rescue at Tara LoCastro FaceBook Page.  They are so deserving of our help.

So, here is a link to Tara’s tale of Daisy and Lucky’s Rescue.   I am also posting Tara’s Story as a separate entry on the Blog for those of you not on Facebook. It is definitely worth the time it takes to read!

In research for this article I’ve lost track of the many names involved in rescuing Daisy and Lucky but did come across the following FB post from Shelly Nowicki Gordon’s page.  All we can say to all those not mentioned is thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping to save these sweet hounds!

“Thanks to everyone who helped getting Daisy & Lucky from West Palm Beach, FL to Buffalo, NY! Tara LoCastroJennifer DouilletteSommer SlavinCyn MobleyBob Richardson & Wendie L Prince.  And to all the other volunteers who helped transport them the last 2 days. Special thank you to the folks all over this country that donated to Tara’s “chip in” page to help these two receive the vet care they so badly needed. And thanks to my mom and dad, Linda & Ray Nowicki for giving these dogs a second chance at a happy healthy life!!”

Lucky and Daisy had many things going against them.  First of all, they are seniors.  Lucky, the male Dachshund, is 12 and Daisy, the female Basset Hound, is 9 years old.

Second, they are a bonded pair, together since they were puppies.  Lucky cares for and watches over Daisy like a hawk, and Daisy is devoted to Lucky.  When they were separated at the vet hospital for their surgeries Daisy ran around the hospital howling for Lucky.  They probably would not have survived being separated, so everyone agonized over trying to keep them together.

Third, and worst of all, their medical care was neglected to the point of abuse.  Both of their medical situations were grave.  Through her network of support Tara found Dr. Arun, of Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital in West Palm Beach FL.  Dr. Arun must be another angel!  He gave Tara the most unbelievable discount that has probably ever been given for medical services.  The original low estimate for their necessary care was $7,300 – that is a $4,300 discount!  These dogs would have died within weeks had they not been rescued and given emergency vet care.  Dr. Arun did this because he was appalled at their condition.  He told Tara he had never seen animals so neglected in a civilized country and that you only see problems like this in homeless animals from third world countries.

Here is a photo album Tara put together of Daisy and Lucky’s medical problems. Just a warning – this is NOT for squeamish stomachs, but it helps to show the extent of the problems Tara was dealing with – Daisy and Lucky’s Medical Photos.   Had these wonderful hounds remained in the home they were in they would both have died, sooner rather than later.  Both were in pain and suffering.  Had the owners turned them over to a kill shelter, as they threatened to do, Daisy and Lucky would have been euthanized on the spot.  And the chance of the overburdened rescues in the South being able to find one home for two dogs with these medical issues was nil.

Finally, the chip in was met for their medical care and Daisy and Lucky were relieved of their pain and discomfort.  Several potential adopters in the South fell through and ABC stepped up to include them in the March Southern transport from TN to NY (see ‘March Southern Rescue Adventure’ story dated 3/23 on the blog).  Shelly took Daisy and Lucky’s sad story to her Mom and Dad, Linda and Ray Nowicki – wonderful folks who immediately said they would adopt them both!

The next great hurdle was getting Daisy and Lucky to the transport location in Marysville, TN for the March 23 transport date.  Enter more angels, flying ones this time.  Pilots N Paws stepped up to fly Lucky and Daisy from West Palm Beach to Georgia!  One very special couple, Rose Kute and her husband Sam, then drove them on the nine hour drive from GA to TN to meet the Southern transport.

Lucky and Daisy’s pictures are posted on the Pilots N Paws webpage (another very wonderful organization that is deserving of any of your spare change!)  The pilot, Jeff, flew 4 dogs that day on their journey to new forever homes.  Thank you so much Pilots N Paws!

The ABC transport left TN on Thursday afternoon, driven by yet another angel, Bob Richardson and ABC volunteers, and arrived in Buffalo NY on Saturday afternoon (an impossibly short time to travel all those miles) where Daisy and Lucky met their new Mom and Dad!  It is amazing to see these 2 running with wagging tails to meet their happy new parents.  Here is a video that Shelly took of her Mom and Dad meeting Daisy and Lucky for the first time – Linda and Ray Nowicki meet their new furkids!  Look at those tails wag – it’s as if they knew they were going home!

Daisy and Lucky are doing well in their new home.  Many thanks to ABC, Shelly and the Nowicki’s for giving these two wonderful hounds a loving home where they can live out their remaining years in comfort and love.  We all wish them many happy, healthy years to enjoy!

Big thank you to Shelly for posting pictures of Daisy and Lucky in their new home.  They look very comfortable and happy – like they have always been there.  What a wonderful ending to such a harrowing rescue.  Thank you to Tara and the many ‘angels’ who helped save Daisy and Lucky.  You are an inspiration to all of us.  Please keep us updated.

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