Come help out with Summer Fest and Rescue Rally

Summer Fest and Rescue Rally are almost here.

The committee has spent hundred of man hours to put together an event that will be second to none. A lot of work has been done and much more needs to be done—this is where I need everyone’s help! If you are coming please register….some volunteers are getting ready to start making phones to remind or ask people if they will be attending. If you are registered….then you will not be called, thus saving our volunteer’s time and effort.Even if you can not make this event, you can support it in many ways:

*Purchase/sell raffle tickets — if need more contact me

*Firstgiving Page — send to all you friends, family …. people that sell you stuff through out the year

*Out right donations—-100% goes to helping the dogs.
*Sponsor someone’s First Giving page that is attending Summer Fest
*Post about our event on your Facebook Page
*Know a rescue group that would like to be a part of our event? Call them
and ask them to come!
*Want to make some phone calls for ABC? Email Shelly at
*Tell your friends and family about our event, all breeds welcome on Sunday!
*Want to hang some posters for our event in the Rochester area? contact Sommer at

We have 23,000 square feet to use, so let’s use it! We have once chance to make a first impression in the Rochester area. Let’s do it BIG and tell them about ABC!

Gary Penny

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