name: Chester
age: 8 months
good with
dogs: yes
cats: unknown
kids: yes
adoption fee: $400

Chester came from a backyard breeder in Fonda, NY. He was for sale on their store’s Facebook page “as is” because he had bladder issues. After he was purchased and taken to a vet, it was discovered that he not only had bladder stones, but also a tick borne disease. The vet did more diagnostics only to discover that Chester has a genetic defect, ectopic ureter. The owner could not afford his care, and after owning him for 1 week and spending $1,600, he was turned over to ABC Basset Hound Rescue.

Ectopic ureters are a congenital anomaly of the urinary system, in which the ureteral orifice is inappropriately positioned caudal to the urinary bladder. This is the most common cause of urinary incontinence in juvenile dogs.

Chester will be seeing a specialist in New Jersey for this expensive corrective surgery. Once he has that done, we will address his tick borne disease and get him neutered. Please consider donating to cover his expensive surgery.

We will not be accepting adoption applications for Chester at this time until we find out the results of his surgery.

To make a donation towards Chester’s surgery, please follow this link:

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