Cherry and Wynne Ready for Adoption!

Meet Wynne and Cherry!

by their wonderful foster Mom, Laura Johnson

These two sweet girls were transported up from the same breeder in Georgia right before the Blast on April 28. They were not originally intended as a bonded pair, but after spending some time in their foster home, and a consult with the behaviorist, it has been determined that separating them would do more harm than good.

Their story, like so many other rescued bassets, is not a happy one. They were puppy mill breeder dogs that spent their lives in crates that were too small for them.  Their fear of water hoses suggests the cages were actually sprayed out with them still inside.  Our Vet determined that both are under developed due to spending their early years in crates that were too restrictive. Wynne is known for her Ferret like gait, and she hops around rather than running.  Both have had teeth extracted and their teeth and health will need to continue to be monitored as they show signs
of major neglect, consistent with puppy mill dogs.

Both are rather small – we call them mini-bassets – at approximately 32-40lbs a piece.  They share a crate (it is VERY large so they have plenty of room) at night.  Despite their mistreatment with crating, they actually spend most of their sleep time in there together.  We rarely shut the door as they consider it ‘their safe space’.
Cherry is the love bug of the two.  She is not altogether confident when it comes to humans, but she is most likely to come to you for affection, when she is comfortable with you.  Wynne is very afraid of humans and is more apt to lick your hand and hop away.  She will do this all day and night if you let her…it is a game she never tires of.  Neither have the strength to jump on the furniture, but are so happy if you lift them into your lap and are happy to fall asleep in your arms.

Wynne is a hoarder of sorts and will steal ANYTHING plastic, and bury it in her blanket in her crate. Tops to Tupperware, remotes and reading
glasses…doesn’t matter!  She loves to chew!  Rawhides and plastic squeaker toys are recommended to preserve human sanity:).  They will roll in delight on a clean throw rug, lay opposite each other and ‘talk’.  I am not sure what they are saying, but it seems important, so I only observe and smile.

These two girls are cute as buttons and love to play with each other and their two foster sisters.  They love kids!  They are curious about cats but tend to
not bother them.  They are not confident on the leash so leash training is something that needs to be worked on.  In their foster home they have a large yard and deck and come and go as they please.  They spend sunny days asleep on the deck soaking up the sun on their bellies.  (We call them their basset solar panels!)

They are still getting used to going potty outside, but with the great weather they have had the run of the house, yard and deck, and can go potty as
needed.  They know they are supposed to go potty outside but if there is not direct access to it, they are too afraid to ask for it yet, they will go on the floor.  A doggie door or a screen door they can go in and out of on their own would be a great idea, and the summer weather will give plenty of time for potty training:).  We have no carpets at all so it is not a big deal, just a quick wipe, but if you have carpets this might be an issue.
Their new home will have to be patient and loving, using only positive reinforcements.  They should be left for no longer than four hours at a time, at least in the beginning, on a regular basis.  You must continue crate usage as Wynne and Cherry see this as their safe place which they will need to overcome their fears and build confidence.  And you have to be patient and let them come to you.  Our home is the first positive experience they have had with humans and they are truly in doggie heaven.  (The Saturday marrow bones help to encourage these thoughts too :).

Check out the blog posts (May 9 and 16 and more to come!) of the puppy mill dog, Austin Brown and the amazing strides he is making in his new home with the love and guidance of his new Mom and Dad, Tracey and Kevin Brown.   Austin was so fearful when they first brought him home that he couldn’t even walk in and out the door on his own and had to be carried.   He has made unbelievable progress in just one month.  Austin’s story shows what is possible with love and patience.

Cherry and Wynne are very sweet, and are true characters.  They are really worth the extra work!
Their “happy to be here” attitude shines through to everyone they meet.  They are a bonded pair and MUST stay together.  They are devoted to and depend on each other.  Their relationship will go miles to help them gain the confidence they need to overcome their fears.  With patience, lots of love and positive reinforcement these special girls will blossom into the beautiful Bassets they were meant to be and fill your home with love and laughter.

I have said it in a previous post but I think that it bears repeating: Despite the horrible things that humans inflicted upon them, they have forgiven us our trespasses.  They have love and sweetness to spare, and want only love, security and a bowl of food.  They are learning to trust again, and their strength of spirit that allows them to do so humbles me.  I am proud to have been their foster Mom. And I love them with all my heart.  I will cry when they leave me, but I know that they will find their place now that they are ABC alumni. (I cheat a little, as I get to choose the home since I do all the adoptions.  My one conceit!)

If you have room in your hearts and home for these sweet angels please fill out an adoption application at

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